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What Is The Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce

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If you’re at the point in your marriage that you’re considering taking some time off from your spouse, you may be wondering “What is the difference between legal separation and divorce?”

First, a caveat: this article should in no way be considered legal advice. You will need to speak to a divorce/family lawyer in person in order to receive accurate, up-to-date information and help regarding divorce laws for Virginia residents.

What You Need to Know to About a Legal Separation

Basically, in Virginia, if you’re separated, you’re “legally separated.” There are no such things as “legal separation” forms or papers in this state.

The main difference between separation and divorce is that you’re still legally married to your spouse. “Separating” doesn’t end your marriage; only divorce can do that. In fact, many couples that separate do so with the hope of staying married.

Bottom line? Divorce and separation are complicated. If you’re asking, “What is the difference between legal separation and divorce?” because you’re contemplating separating and/or divorce, we truly urge you to speak with an attorney before doing anything.  Actions you take before speaking to a lawyer may be seriously detrimental to your case.  A short meeting with an attorney before you separate can save you significant time and money.

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